Travel the Richer Way




Those are the words you will describe your experience in the Richer Woman Retreat come May 2020.

Have you ever gone on vacation with friends and/or family and returned more stressed out?!

Please tell me I’m not alone.


This phenomenon is common for several reasons, for example, you end up engaging in so many activities while on holiday such as shopping, visiting friends or family or you end up taking care of everyone else asides from yourself. You come back wishing you didn’t even travel in the first place.


Traveling should not be synonymous with stress.


Therefore we have decided to give women a new way to travel.

We are a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, boss, colleague, etc however in order to be effective in all these roles, we need to take care of ourselves first.

With our brains and emotions also being flooded in this social media age it is imperative that we take time out at least once a year to do so.


In 2013,  I went on my first spiritual retreat. It was the best decision ever and one of the best times of my life.

I did nothing big; just focused on my spiritual, mental and emotional health and I came back refreshed and refocused and ready for the new season of my life.

Even though I went with a friend of mine which was nice to have someone around, we ensured we had a lot of lone time. We would have breakfast together, pray together on the beach and then go our separate ways to spend time alone and then meet up again later for dinner.

One of the most remarkable things was that it wasn’t one of those holidays that you come back feeling exhausted and needing another holiday because of so many activities. We actually RESTED. Asides from dinner, one of my most memorable times was the SPA. We had a half-day full spa experience.

We are Recreating this Experience for You!

Destination: Paradise on Earth

God chose the perfect location Seychelles and the perfect hotel, Raffles.
He says he is taking His daughters to paradise.

Cradled at the heart of the original Garden of Eden, the island of Praslin, Raffles Seychelles has 86 architecturally exquisite villas, all of them with private plunge pools and outdoor pavilions to soak in breathtaking views of the opal-hued ocean, white sandy beach, and lush green hills. Imagine waking up to this luxurious view.

Because you will have a lot of free time, you will be able to swim, sunbathe, snorkel, sail, kayak, etc if you so desire.


When God said paradise, Sychelles is a modern day paradise.

With luxurious beaches with exquisite ribbons of sand, lapped by turquoise waters and backed by lush hills, palm trees and Dali-esque boulders. Imagine the quality of pictures taken here (selfie mode activated!)

Beyond the beach, it has some fabulous resorts, restaurants, not to mention the small capital city of Victoria.

It will be an unforgettable experience.

I would also be hosting group coaching and one-on-one coaching sessions during the retreat,

NB: One-on-one coaching sessions are at a separate cost.

Details and cost will be sent to registered participants. Members of the Richer Woman Club have an exclusive complimentary one-on-one session.



5 nights in Seychelles. We take off on the 11th of May and return on the 17th of May 2020.


Payment Details

Accommodation and the Paradise Experience

There are two options for payment for the accommodation and experience. Please note that this price is per person for two persons sharing a room and breakfast.

Option 1. Pay in full by February 15, 2020

$3,650 or N1,332,250.00

Option 2: Pay in three instalments

Instalments Deadline Amount in Dollars  Amount in Naira
1st February 15 2020 $1,000 365,000
2nd March 05 2020 $1,400 511,000
3rd April 01 2020 $1,250 456,250
Total Cost per person   $3,650 N1,332,250.00

Flights to Raffles: (Current rates based on sale):
Flights to Mahe: Qatar Airways
Flight to Seychelles: Air Seychelles
Total: N344,000.00

Please contact our partners at to make your flight bookings or please use our affiliate link above.
Group flight payment:
Please note that if we have 10 or more people ready to pay on February 15th 2020, we will apply for group rates and share the rates with you.

Please note that flight rates are completely based on availability and subject to change.
Mode of Payment:
For your convenience we have made different accounts available:

NG based NGN & USD account:
nusafiri Hospitality (NGN) prevailing rate on request
nusafiri Hospitality (USD)
US based USD account
Bank name: Bank of America
Account name: Nusafiri services
Account number: 446033999108
Routing number: 052001633
Zelle payments:

Please reference when making payment: your name (eg Adetutu) + Richerwoman Retreat


Book your slot latest February 15, 2020 with $1000!

For further enquiries, please send an email to

In the interim if you are interested in the experience please fill the google form so that we can send you further information and reminders ahead of the deadlines.

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