The Richer Woman Club

Hello Richer Woman

In the last decade I began my journey to becoming The Richer Woman.

I was tired of living an unfulfilled life therefore I started that decade with one goal to become a woman of purpose. The Lord then took me through a process of intentionally working on the different areas of my life so that I could be successful in these areas.
As a result, I have achieved so many phenomenal things and in the last three years alone I have been able to write and publish two books: The Richer Woman and Birthing Purpose, plus a devotional in English and French; I have a new baby; Completed the first edition of the Richer Woman Club; Launched two tech platforms: The first of its kind online financial education platform – The Tech World of Finance ( ) with partnerships with financial institutions including an international partner.
The Richer Kids club ( ) an online finance club for kids and partnered with a global organization; I have started my marriage ministry with my husband; Achieved my goal of investing in real estate and achieved many other goals including going on book tours to 14 cities in 10 countries in the world; Lost 14 kilograms in 6 months.

Kept my four children fed (spiritually, emotionally and physically); Hosted conferences, our last Do It Afraid conference had circa 2000 attendees etc

Now the beautiful thing is that towards the end of 2019, in a dream the
Lord gave me the blueprint to becoming the Richer Woman which is a tool
called the Wheel of Wealth, the first of its kind in the world. In this new
decade that started this 2020, I would be using this tool to ensure that I become
the Richer woman which is a woman of purpose who is successful in
EVERY single area of her life.
I know many women would also like to go on this journey with me and this
is why we set up the Richer Woman club which is a community of women
living a life of true wealth.
I understand the power of community and so I would like to go on this
journey with like minded women who also desire to become The Richer

Last Year, it was awesome!!!!

Last year, we had phenomenal and purpose driven women as guest facilitators: Folakemi Odesola, Remi Makanjuola, Glory Edozien, Tolu
Kasali, Itunu Akinware, Juliet Kapena, Tomie Balogun, Sola Adesakin, Abiola Adediran, Damola Ladejobi (AskDamz), Dr. Jawando, Dr.
Maymunah, Foluso Gbadamosi, Amina Gbajabiamila, Kanyin Adio-Moses, Omotayo Adeola, Afua Osei, Ruth Zubairu, Chinny Okoye,
Omowumi Etiko, Yemisi Vese, Bisi Ola-Soetan, Emem Nwogwugwu, Faderera Aluko. Many of whom would be joining us again this year.


Some of the areas we would be focusing on are as follows

1. Health and Well-being– we all know that health is wealth and no amount of money can buy health and so we would be focusing on
how to ensure that we eat right, exercise and ensure we are mentally, emotionally healthy.

2. Relationships – It takes a village to become The Richer Woman. The importance of relationships cannot be overemphasized but what is
more important is the right, healthy relationships.

3. Rest – As a woman the importance of rest cannot be overemphasized and this is why we are also going on a retreat to Seychelles later in
the year.

Other areas we will be working on includes, spirituality, money, work etc.

Why ME?!

I am a wife of over 13 years and a mother to four beautiful children. I am Africa’s wealth connoisseur with over 17 years experience in finance,
investment banking and media. I am also an award winning UK certified life coach and I’m on a mission to become The Richer Woman and to
inspire and help humanity live the “Richer Life” – which embodies what true wealth is i.e. wealth in every aspect of your life spiritually, family,
relationships, purpose, career, finance, health etc. Essentially my mission is to help you live a life of PURPOSE which enables you to succeed in every area of your life.

Introducing the Richer Woman Club

Richer Woman Club

This is not like any other club you’ve heard of.
This is an implementation-type community where you will get to grow in the different aspects of your life.
It also includes a super affordable life coaching membership for those who are looking for ways to invest in themselves but aren’t quite ready to dive into a one – on – one life coaching relationship.

It gives you the equivalent of having your personalized coaching so you can bring meaningful change to your life and live a truly wealthy life.
And what’s more, it won’t be just me.
I have an array of industry experts who will contribute in different aspects like family/parenting, health, organization/decluttering, relationships, finance and investment, career/business, etc
I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child (in this case, to become a Richer Woman) and I’m willing to partner with these Amazons to make it possible for you.
One of the great things about the club is that you would receive accountability from not just me but from the other members of the club
who are also on their journey of becoming the richer woman.

What You Get

Asides from the community support, this membership opportunity is a way to experience the benefits of a life coach within your budget. You get a glimpse into everything I do and the tools I use to live out my potentials and become who God has created me to be.

You get …
 Access to a 12-month coaching program
 Bi-monthly /weekly news letters full of valuable resources and expert tips on how to live the Richer Life no matter where you are, single or married, in debt or working at a job.
 Actionable steps and prompts to help you implement these tips/training.
 Weekly assignments.
 A safe place to share your challenges and receive support and accountability.
 Personalised help from expert coaches during live sessions to answer your pressing questions.

 Opportunities to grow financially and investment opportunities in real estate (land & building). We have some opportunities that
we have identified in the fastest-growing axis in Lagos.
 Opportunity for a group vacation to a beach destination (separate fees apply).
 Book recommendations etc
 One-year club membership
The Richer Woman Club is not a place to just sit back and read through the stories and lessons, share a laugh, and move on as we do on social
It pushes you to make actionable decisions to move your life in a positive direction.

If You…

Have ever wanted more from life but don’t know where to start, then join the Richer Woman club.

Want to discover more about who you are and grow in your relationship with God, then join The Richer Woman Club.

Would like to lose weight and live a healthy life style, then join The Richer Woman Club.

Want to be successful in your marriage, family and also in your career, then join The Richer Woman
Want to be a woman of purpose, then join The Richer Woman club.
Can name all the different areas in your life that you want to change but don’t know how to take the first step? Then join the Richer Woman Club.
Are you just plain tired of doing things by yourself and you’d really love the company of like-minded women who share your ideals and goals, then join the Richer Woman club.

Here’s what ladies who have worked with me have to say:

“Before my first session with Omilola I was completely stuck and discontent with my life. I knew I could be more, I wanted to be more but instead I felt burdened with the ideas God had placed in me and I lacked clarity. Omilola helped me to sort out the virtual mess within me and gave me practical, actionable steps to start and walk in my purpose. Even after I set sail, whenever I feel stuck or confused she helps me refresh and encourages me with practical wisdom I can apply and move forward”. Remi (Atlanta)


“It’s a privilege to have been coached by the Africa’s Wealth Connoiseur Omilola Oshikoya. Prior to being coached by Omilola, I was in a phase of life where I needed a next delivery for purpose and fulfillment. Then I signed up to attend Omilola Oshikoya Life Coach Sessions for a period of 6months. During by 6 months coaching time with Omilola, I re-discovered myself and Omilola not only helped me to achieve this, but equipped and guided me to live that life. Almost all spheres of life was dealt with from Ministry, Career, Friendship, Family, and Marriage during the coaching sessions. At the end of the period I can say it was really worth it and today I stand as a better person”- Bisola (Lagos).

Testimonials from the ladies who participated in the first edition of the Richer Woman club

“I have seen the possibility of being more than just a woman, but to become more, do more, have goals, have healthy relationships et all, with God at the centre of it all” – Christiannah
“I have gained more insight on different aspects of life and learning to take deliberate actions instead of leaving things to chance. I have learnt to journal and de-clutter mentally. Most importantly, I am developing an intimate relationship with my heavenly father” – Flora

I’m Ready, but What Would It Cost Me?

In 2017, my rates for one -on -one coaching was $500 monthly so $1500 for 3 months or $2500 for six months.

This year, it’s $4900 for six months. (Send me a message if this is what you want!)

And I’m not the only one.

Our faculty of expert coaches also have more than enough demand on their time, with fees for some as high as $4000.

So that should be at least $30,000 worth of coaching if we are having 5 guest coaches plus me.

But we won’t be charging you that!

12 months is a pretty long time and we made it so because true transformation is never overnight.

So we want to be able to guide you without you feeling rushed and overwhelmed.


We could have charged $3000 for the period as a fraction which is still a really good deal!


But we are making it $997 as our yearly fee. (N400,000 in naira)

That is roughly $83 monthly.

Look at it this way this is only circa N33,200 a month over 12 months.
Please note that we require full payment for the 12 months in advance at this rate. Payment plans are available on request but at a higher rate.


A worthy investment for 12 months of training and accountability in

  • Goal Setting and Vision Boarding
  • Building intimacy with God
  • Time Management
  • Healthy Living
  • Rest & Well-being
  • Simplifying your Life
  • Career/Business coaching
  • Finance and Investment
  • Myself & I (Self-love and self-confidence)
  • And lots more

Guess What?

One of the things we are also doing this year is to pair up The Richer Woman club member with a young woman to mentor for a given period.
As the Richer Woman, we must also be interested in impacting other women.

Join the Richer Woman Club

Nigerian card payment

To register and grab one of the spots, click the link below

I can guarantee that your life will never remain the same.

For those in Nigeria, kindly make your payment to:

Account Name: Omilola Oshikoya International
Account Number: 0084071322
Bank: Access/Diamond
For those in the diaspora you can pay into our domiciliary account:

Omilola Oshikoya
GTbank Plc
The deadline for the first payment is December 31st, 2020.

It’s time to take control. Make 2021 the year things CHANGE.

Change the focus from your problems and take an actionable step towards a solution that your future self will thank you for.

There are limited spaces available and the invitation has been sent to places where I’ve trained/spoken at. Slots are filling up fast.

If you have made the payment, send a screenshot to my email

IF you have any questions, or need a payment plan please contact me as well via email.

Or call +234 9090367368

Group discounts are available.


Here’s to crushing this year, living your best life.


Your fellow Richer Woman,

Omilola Oshikoya.