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The Lotus Flower and its connection to The Fathers Daughter




Sometime in August during my retreat, my prayer partner, said to me that she believes the Lotus flower represents her and that I should research on it since I like researching on God’s creation (paraphrase). After doing some research, I was in awe of all that I discovered. I wasn’t so sure about what to do with the revelation, I thought of talking about it during a conference I was supposed to preach at but a part of me also kind of felt there was more. When God began to speak to me that it was time for “The Fathers Daughter”, I felt God wanted the Lotus flower to be the symbol for “The Fathers Daughter”. Trust God to speak so clearly. One day I received a message from one of my mentees. He said God showed him a vision. He basically, confirmed all that God had spoken to me concerning “The Fathers Daughter” and the icing on the cake was when he showed me the symbol he saw in the vision for “The Fathers Daughter”. It was a Lotus flower. Talk about God confirming His word. God truly speaks. If the God of the universe has something to tell you, He will make sure He gets the message across to you.


During my research, I found out the Lotus flower is a very significant flower and it is actually used as a symbol for a very popular eastern religion. It is also a national symbol for India. It is actually called a sacred flower. The sad thing is that I could barely find any Christian based article or publication on this phenomenal flower. Quite sad.


So what is the Lotus flower and why is it important to God?


It is a beautiful flower found all over the world especially in India, Australia etc. The word “beautiful” is not enough to describe this flower. It comes in diverse colours. Pink, white, green, blue, orange and even purple. I also noticed that in every flower, the middle part which is called the stigma is always yellow. It is also very useful. The Lotus flower has very strong medicinal qualities it can be used to stabilize blood pressure, prevent asthma, head aches, nose bleeds etc. I spent time watching videos and I was amazed. Asides from all the wonderful features mentioned earlier, what was more intriguing was what I found out about the start of this flowers life and how it grows and where it grows from.


It sprouts under water where there is mud, muck, insects, fish and dirty conditions. It then begins to grow a stem and pushes itself through its dirty surroundings and obstacles to the surface which is clearer. The stem is flexible but it does not break. A particular video showed the stem moving from side to side as it was growing. At this point it is only a stem with a pod. As it pushes its way to the surface, it meets with clean air. It has freed itself from its very harsh conditions. The Lotus begins to open each petal slowly towards the sun.


As if that is not enough, the most profound thing that I found out is that by the time the Lotus flower reaches the top, it is spotless. It is so clean without a single spot of dirt. The ironic thing is that the dirty water it comes from washes it clean as it reaches the surface. Since it opens its petals above the water, the inner part of the Lotus has never seen mud or dirty water.

Isn’t this phenomenal.


What can we learn from the Lotus flower and how does it relate to “The Fathers Daughter”.


There are so many lessons to be learnt from this amazing flower.


Like the Lotus flower, “The Fathers Daughter may have a past or history that she is not so proud of. Infact EVERYONE, (the emphasis is in intentional), has a past or a story. Many of us don’t have very glorious beginnings however it is important to know that your past, history, back ground or where you come from does not define you or determine who you are. It also does not determine what your future would be like.


The Lotus flower is a strong plant. It is able to push through obstacles and mud to reach the surface. The mud and obstacles enable it to build strength. Like this flower, your challenges have enabled you to build muscles for greatness and supernatural strength.


Like the stem of the Lotus flower, you are flexible and can adapt to tough situations. You are strong and you won’t break.


Like the Lotus you can rise above any situation that life throws at you.


When God looks down at the Lotus flower, He doesn’t see any dirt. He sees a beautiful flower that is spotless. This is how He sees you. He doesn’t care whether you have been raped, you had abortions, committed adultery, have had multiple partners, practiced lesbianisim, addicted to drugs, being convicted of a felony etc. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. As “The Fathers Daughter”, when God, The Father, looks at you, all He sees is a spotless, beautiful daughter. This is because of the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.


The way the dirty water washes the Lotus flower, all that you have been through shows your authenticity. God will give you beauty for ashes and use the very thing that was meant to kill you to bless you. I’m a perfect example of this, I come from murky and dirty waters but God has given me beauty for ashes and it is the same dirt that has qualified me and given me a platform.


Almost everyone has a story or a past, the thing is not everyone chooses to own it. Some decide to keep it in the closet as skeletons while those that are truly liberated clear them out of the closet by bringing them out into the light before they dispose them.


The Father says His daughters are like the Lotus flower He sees is the beautiful spotless flower.


The inner part of the Lotus flower is protected all the time that is in in the mud and never experiences dirt or mud. This is the same way that your inner man is protected by God and not affected by the things you have been through. This is why despite all Joyce Meyer has been through for example abuse by her father, does not stop her from being used mightily by God.


I pray that you begin to see yourself as God sees you. I pray you push through the difficult challenges that you have faced in life and rise to the surface looking directly at the Sun of Righteousness, Jesus. This platform is created to help you achieve this.


God bless you.


Remember who you are and whose you are. You are THE FATHERS DAUGHTER.

  • It’s a Rilly beautiful flower. Truly we are the father’s daughter

    Bolade Arit / 11:52 pm / Reply
  • It’s a Rilly beautiful flower. Truly we are the father’s daughter.

    Bolade Arit / 11:52 pm / Reply
  • Registration for the father’s daughter 21 day challenge

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