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Many lives & destinies are tied to your obedience. People are waiting for you to share your story so they can be inspired by it..

Prayer Partner


    Dear The Fathers Daughter,   After my quiet time today, I felt led to write what God revealed to me which is a confirmation of a special...

The Oasis and its connection to joy


    “This joy is not circumstantial This joy is super natural This joy would be our strength Through the darkest of our days It can stand the test...

The Fathers Daughter


So for the first time since I started writing/blogging about 4 years ago I don’t know what to write today. I have no plan of what to write so I’ll...

Symbiotic Relationship: Flower & Bee


The flower doesn’t dream about the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes – Omilola The relationship between the flower and the bee is a very interesting one. It...

Introducing my logo-Part 2


Growing up I had two reactions when I mentioned my name. “Oh wow that’s a lovely name”. So unique. Or “oh why water?” Then they’ll look at me as...

Introducing my logo -Part 3


When God said yellow. I told a PR lady and she said, yellow is used for things that go with kids. Use something else. I originally wanted fuschia pink...