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Health Is Wealth

The principle of wealth other than money we would be talking about today is, Health is Wealth.

All over the world many countries have eased lockdowns. Schools are back in session. In Nigeria most businesses are already operational and air travel has resumed .

The thing is, the rate of infection and rate of deaths are still increasing however for economic reasons Government’s worldwide have decided to ease the lock down. This is to prevent hunger, revolts and also economic downturns. Despite the threat of Covid19, the world can’t afford to have its economy on stand still.

The thing is, if the infection rates increase, there are not enough isolation beds or isolation centers to treat the number of cases. There is also no cure and a vaccine is still being worked on. What our Governments are saying essentially is that “may the best immune system win”.

What this means is more now than ever we need to understand that “Health is Wealth”.  Many people will give anything to go back to the days before Covid when we could walk around freely, eat anything we want, have parties, hug everyone, go to Church, send our kids to school etc. without fear of infection.

Our new normal involves, existing with the threat of the disease.

How do we quantify the value of good health?

Many very wealthy people have passed away during the Covid pandemic. They had all the money they needed to get the best treatment but unfortunately in this pandemic money has no value. In Nigeria people who would have been able to fly out of the country for medical treatments could not because of the air travel ban.

We can therefore agree that Health is more valuable than money.

Research says majority (not all) of the people who have underlying health issues have died of Covid. With a healthy immune system, you have a greater chance of surviving Covid.

As we all go back to work, school etc. we need to ensure that we make health one of our top priorities.

If it already isn’t then it should become a lifestyle. We need to eat right, exercise often, sleep well and rest to ensure we are healthy. We also need to ensure we also take care of our mental health.

Inspirational Story:

Many people who are in the high-risk category such as the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions may be feeling quite helpless and fearful even as the lock down is eased. Despite what research or medical experts say, with God, anyone can survive Covid 19. I hope the stories of these three people encourages anyone reading this that if they could beat Covid19, then even those in high risk categories can beat the disease.

Despite dealing with three chronic illnesses i.e. sickle cell anaemia, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis tendencies, Nigerian lady Danielle Jinadu survived Covid 19. Her mother who was also in the high risk category contracted the disease but also survived .

The oldest woman in Spain, Maria Branyas, a 113-year-old woman also survived Covid.

Another lady in the US, Sylvia Goldsholl also survived Covid -19. In her lifetime, she has endured the 1918 Spanish flu, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and now the coronavirus.

I hope this encourages anyone dealing with any life challenges. I hope it encourages those who have been told they are in the high-risk category i.e. those with underlying illnesses and older people that you can also overcome.

My personal story of divine health

The Lord healed me during the lock down. Around this time last year, I saw a vision of a box that had diabetes written on it but I didn’t press in or pay too much attention to it. I probably just prayed briefly about it. Fast forward to earlier on this year, I felt the Lord say I should stay off processed foods but again I wasn’t obedient. Shortly after the lock down I started having certain symptoms and when I googled the symptoms they were symptoms of diabetes. I had blurry vision. One night I had to call my husband from the movie room because all of a sudden I couldn’t see what I was reading. I thought perhaps I was tired and slept but when I woke up it was still there. Eventually my vision became clearer much later in the day.  I had burning sensation underneath my feet. I had cold feet and extreme fatigue and I also went to the rest room a lot. Hmm. I think the worst thing about diabetes is the mind battle. The fact that if you are not careful you can lose your eye sight or lose your leg or end up having kidney problems. It is one of the worst diseases anyone can have. The good news is that it is completely avoidable because it is a lifestyle disease. 

I repented and began my journey of healing. The Lord then took me on a journey where He began to show me visions of what to eat and what not to eat. I remember one day my husband had bought a lot of plantain chips. I was eating too much already and I saw a vision of the kitchen table and gas cooker full of plantain chips and plantain. I knew the Lord wanted me to stop eating it. I began this journey of eating whole foods i.e. foods that God created. I stopped drinking packaged fruit juices or processed foods. I couldn’t even eat my son’s birthday cake. A good thing was that we didn’t have a househelp so I had to do a lot of the cooking. I started cooking healthy meals for myself and the family. One of the things that helped was one of my followers on instagram, Enitan  had sent me a message and I found out she was a nutritionist/dietician and I told her about my predicament. I told her that I was preventing diabetes type 2. What I didn’t realise is that I already had it. She sent me a menu which helped me with planning. I also ate a lot of the foods God led me to eat. For example, He showed me okra and spinach in a vision. Apparently, okra is really good for diabetes. Therefore, I had okra with spinach with eba once a week. I also had a lot of cinnamon with my oat meal. Cinnamon releases polyphenol that helps with insulin. Once I had a dream that one of my Kingdom sisters came to my house and she wanted to eat and I told her we had run out of snails and when I opened my freezer it was full of salmon. I figured the Lord wanted me to eat salmon. I ate beef but subsequently He told me to stop eating beef.  At some point He told me I could eat plantain again but this time in moderation, I saw a vision of three plantains and I knew He was saying I could eat it but not overdoes as I had done before. I had a lot of fruit and I incorporated vegetables with a lot of my meals. I made a lot of meals with potatoes. I ate jollof rice made from basmati, yam etc.  I made a lot of salads and also made my own salad dressing through a recipe that the nutritionist gave me. It is so simple and so yummy. My husband is like why was he wasting money buying salad dressing in the past. I realised that eating healthy does not have to be boring. For example, I made oat meal pancakes with banana topped it up with grapes, mint leaves and honey. For people with diabtes honey is not recommended. I also cooked a lot of nice meals like grilled fish and garlic potatoes, roast chicken, shepherds pie etc. 

I also stopped using MSG seasoning cubes and bought MSG free seasoning from Agas Wholesome food (agas_wholesome on Instagram). Also, I buy organic chicken straight from the farm from Lady Organics (lady_organics on instagram) and she has amazing spices you can use for your food.

I lost almost 15 kilos in total. I also began to exercise on an average of three times a week. I remember when I first started exercising, I could barely do 20 skips . Now I can do just under 500 skips. I start with stretches, then walk around my compound and then end with skipping. I noticed the difference every time I exercised, I felt so much better. The symptoms I was facing also disappeared. 

I realised that God truly heals through the foods we eat. What we eat is super important. Food carries healing powers. I have this book on juices and different combinations of juice can heal. Even ailments like asthma can be cured from juicing. 

I never got a diagnosis but I knew I had diabetes and God had healed me but you see even when you eat whole foods etc, you reverse ailments but if you are not careful those ailments can come back. For example, it is known that people who have cancer can have it again and apparently when it comes back it comes back even worse. God taught me the concept of DIVINE HEALTH. In July or so I began to feel burning sensation underneath my feet again. All other symptoms had gone.  It is such an annoying thing to go through. Apparently diabetes damages the nerves in your feet and this is what causes burning sensations or cold feet. I felt that I needed healing from God this time as I was already eating healthy. There is a healing conference that Lapis Lazuli hosts once a month and I decided to join. I didn’t even know that it was strictly a healing conference. I joined I realised that the person that was ministering was also going to do live ministrations where He calls out certain illnesses that God wants to heal. I was happy because I was trusting God for divine healing. I realised that I had joined the conference late and I wanted to go on the live ministration instead of watching replays so I fast forwarded it on Youtube. The thing is he had already started ministering and I was worried that I may have missed a call. As I was thinking this all of a sudden he said the Lord wants to heal Neuropathy diabetes. I was blown away.  I knew that was for me because I quickly googled it and found out that neuropathy is the name for the burning sensation I was feeling under my feet. I believed God had healed me. I received that word as mine. A few days later I went to do a blood sugar test for the first time and my results came out perfect. God had healed me. I was super duper happy. The thing is I believed I received a word and I believed I had been healed from the foods I ate but I didn’t really understand the concept of divine health. When I shared on instagram that I was going to share my journey to healthy living, I started feeling the burning sensation again under my feet after two months or so of not feeling it. It became even more intense this time. It was then that God gave me an understanding of divine health. The Lord meets us at our point of faith. He heals through the food we eat, however this is not divine health. We need to walk in divine health. I didn’t understand the concept of divine health and so I always trusted God to heal through the foods I ate but you see if you go back and eat unhealthy the illness can come back again. I had started eating a certain cereal that I had no business eating and even bought one packaged juice that tasted so awful after I took a sip. I felt bad for dropping the balls.  I prayed for divine health and the symptoms have gone. This time I trust God not for healing but for divine health. I will walk in divine health and also steward it by living a healthy life style. So the key thing is to ask for divine health and also still eat and live a healthy lifestyle so you live a long healthy fulfilled purposeful life. If you pray for divine health and you are not stewarding your health by eating well you are wasting your time because sooner or later you would fall ill. In the same way if you are eating well but don’t lean on God for divine health, you are wasting your time because you can also fall ill for example Steve Jobs lived a healthy lifestyle but still died of cancer. In this journey to living the richer life, we ought to trust God for divine health and also steward the health by eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. 

 Tips to living a healthy life

1. Eat Whole Foods i.e. food that God created instead of artificial food. For example, eat whole grain pasta, eat Ofada rice instead of white rice or eat basmati rice or brown rice instead of white rice. Eat yam, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garri etc.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits

3. Eliminate processed foods if possible. For example, it is better to drink freshly squeezed juices than packaged juices.

4. Eat plant based milk instead of dairy milk

5. Drink a lot of water

6. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

7. Take vacations

8. Exercise everyday or at least three times a week.

9. Take social media breaks

10. Reduce screen times

11. Take vitamins

12. Keep a gratitude list

13. Forgive

If you have a passion for health and wellness this is a time to follow your dreams. Whether it is starting a healthy food business or becoming a certified dietitian or nutritionist, the opportunities are endless especially with the use of technology. The important thing to note is that you must be passionate about it. Don’t start a business only because of the opportunities or because it’s trending. With every business there are challenges and it’s only when you are passionate about what you do that guarantees success despite any challenges that will occur.

I host a community called The Richer Woman club and we are currently taking registrations for the next session which starts in January. In the club we go on a journey of living the richer life which is a successful life in all areas of your life. One of the things we would be focusing on is health. I would be sharing menus, recipes that I use and the group will provide accountability to ensure we stay disciplined. If you would like to join the club, please click on the link below to know more about it and how you can join. There are limited spaces available as I plan to take on only 15 women, so I suggest you lock down your space now ahead.  http://omilola.com/the-richer-woman-club/

Financial Advice

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions” -Bible

More now than ever it is important to create an emergency fund. We all know that life happens and the unexpected expenses are expected. No one will have anticipated a global pandemic. Many people spent so much money during the lock down period. Many have lost businesses or lost their jobs. A way to prepare for the unexpected or for the rainy day is to have an emergency fund.

What is an Emergency Fund?

An emergency fund is money you set aside for emergencies. Financial advisers advise that you have at least 3 -6 months of your monthly expenses saved. That way if you lose your job or have to shut your business down you can survive on your emergency fund for 6 months.

Most emergency funds are highly liquid which allows quick access to funds which is vital in emergency situations.

An emergency fund could either be short-term or long-term. A short-term fund is more liquid than a long term fund for example a savings account while a long term fund would be invested in money market funds or fixed income funds.

How to create an emergency fund

1. The first thing to do is to determine what your monthly living expense consists of. This is easy if you budget on a monthly basis. If you do not have one you would have to create one by first of all tracking your spending etc. Please check my blog and read up on previous articles on budgeting.

2. Once you have determined your monthly living expense, the next thing to do would be to multiply it by six to determine the minimum amount that your emergency fund should contain. So, for instance if your monthly living expense is N100, 000, your emergency fund should be N600, 000.

3. Determine how much you can afford to put aside each month to set up an emergency fund of N600, 000. This would depend on your monthly income and expenses as well as the deadline you set for yourself to have an emergency fund. So, for instance you can decide to set aside N30, 000 each month towards your emergency fund. This means it would take 20 months to build up your emergency fund.

4. The next thing to do would be to open a savings account. Please note that banks do not have dedicated accounts for emergency funds. You would have to search for a bank that offers the highest interest rate on a savings account. Another point to remember is that the objective for an emergency fund is not to create wealth but instead to preserve wealth, therefore you would have to look for a low risk, investment option.

5. The final thing to do is to have a direct debit in place with your bank to ensure that you are consistent with your deposit.

To know more about emergency funds , take the wealth creation online course I created on my online financial education platform “The Tech World of Finance™️ –www.wofin.org . It has 9 modules and 24 video lessons and worksheets. Topics include investments, budgeting, savings, how to make money etc.

You can also join listen to The Richer Life podcast on

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